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SyncD CDPS Case Study

Case Study

Creating a digital agency to support the Welsh Government as they look to improve a nations digital knowledge and adoption through several products and services.


Account Director and Talent Partner

Design, Product, Delivery, Communications and Operations 

The Situation

The Centre for Digital Services (CDPS) is an arm’s length body of the Welsh Government. CDPS work alongside public sector organisations to create digital public services that are founded upon the needs of people who use them. This is achieved by bringing Welsh public service professionals and digital experts together to provide hands on practical help, as well as guidance and training.

CDPS needed to quickly stand up several digital delivery squads that resulted in a contractor heavy workforce which was achieved by Futureheads driving this phase of the project. Once the initial squads were in place, CDPS engaged with SyncD to transition the contractor population to permanent hires. To achieve this SyncD were tasked with managing the end to end hiring process of 20+ professionals across multiple disciplines, whilst also managing the ongoing contractor population with the help of Futureheads.


Our goals were to:
      • Reduce contractor dependency by increased permanent hiring across several disciplines (Digital and non-digital)
      • Defining and implementing an end-to-end recruitment process
      • Creating a structured onboarding and off boarding process
      • Manage and own the contractor population – ensuring financial sign off processes are implemented
      • Create and run a framework for all “as a service” providers to adhere to

Our Approach

The SyncD team initiated the project by meeting with all key stakeholders, Operations and recruitment teams to understand their requirements and develop an appropriate recruitment strategy.

This strategy was then aligned with the latest talent market insights to support the creation of individual role profiles and attraction tactics required to identify suitable candidates for each role. We also focused within the Welsh talent Market as per CDPS’ operational strategy.

Through the deployment of an embedded Talent Partner the candidate sourcing phase was kicked off. This consisted of a 2-week advertisement/headhunting tranche.

Working in tandem with the Communication and Engagement department we incorporated CDPS’s need to have an accessible recruitment process (Welsh/English Job Descriptions and Adverts) keeping the centre’s recruitment strategy at a pace that matched market insights.  

This process proved to be highly effective as it considerably increased the pace of the selection process – and kept momentum for both candidates and hiring managers

Our Results

  • Our results:

    • 13 permanent hires secured across Design, Operations, Delivery, and Product within the first 6 months.
    • 58 Contractors hired over a 9 month period across Design, Delivery and Product
    • Supported the creation of a new optimised end-to-end remote hiring process
    • Redefined the recruitment strategy for CDPS, introducing the use of LinkedIn tools and channels to improve the Centre’s online presence
    • Restructured the contract hiring process to reduce contract spend and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget

Harriet Green & Myra Hunt (CEO)

Futureheads and SyncD have provided an excellent service for CDPS as we have grown the business: covering strategic resource planning, recruitment and on-boarding of both permanent and contractor DDaT staff of the highest quality. Their team is very responsive and their work with us has been highly tailored to our needs – both geographical and sectoral.  They’ve been instrumental in helping CDPS develop its people-centred, bold and delivery-focused culture.

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