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Managed Service Programme (MSP)

We work with businesses large and small to optimise their contingent workforce.

Our Offering

We will help you make better recruitment decisions through our data-driven insights and industry knowledge.

Access the best talent

Drive Efficiency

Reduce Risk

Optimise Spend

Increase Flexibility

We’re digital specialists, with a 40,000+ candidate network built over a decade. Our team are experts in identifying the best candidates matched specifically to your needs, leveraging our reputation as an industry-leading digital talent business.

Our contingent hiring experts will optimise hiring processes and improve conversions to save your hiring team valuable time.

Our team will audit your contingent hiring process and current workforce to identify risks and suggest changes to assure compliance. We’ll screen every hire thereafter to keep it that way.

We’ll use industry specific experience and expertise to develop rate-cards and cost control mechanisms to ensure spend is optimised and value is assured.

We’ll use industry specific experience and expertise to develop rate-cards and cost control mechanisms to ensure spend is optimised and value is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens to our current contingent workers?

During implementation, we’ll engage your existing contingent workforce and suppliers. We’ll assess and plan the necessary steps to bring them into our service model and will manage any risks associated with the change.

What happens to current suppliers?

As a master vendor, we’ll build relationships with current suppliers and ensure consistency in commercial terms. We will source most contingent hires directly to optimise spending for our client, but we recognize that these relationships may need to be called upon occasionally.

How long does it take to set up?

The size of your business and contractor workforce will impact how quickly a managed service can be implemented. We’ll typically spend 2-4 weeks auditing current processes and contingent workforce, with a 6-8 week implementation period thereafter.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a SyncD MSP is based on a percentage of the contingent workforce spend, or as a fee per transaction. A key benefit of implementing an MSP is to gain cost savings through a range of mechanisms, and we aim to demonstrate this.

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We’re an award-winning digital and tech recruitment business on a mission to be a force for good.

With our 50,000+ candidate digital network established over a decade, we hit the ground running.

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