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SyncD Hertigruten Case Study
Case Study

Creating better candidate engagement with engineering communities to identify hard to find talent for a growing Fintech organisation


Month Project

2 Talent Partner

Design, Data, Engineering & Product

The Situation

Bauer Media were rolling out a new project called Rayo which is an initiative to create the next generation of audio products and services. This is both a mobile and web based product, with designs to help bridge the gap between traditional broadcast radio and modern audio products.

To achieve their goals Bauer Media engaged with SyncD to make 24 hires across over a 4 month period. The business had an existing talent function but without the tech expertise needed to make these hires.

Our Goals were to:

  • Create full ownership of the hiring process – working together with the existing HR & Talent functions
  • Collaborate with the hiring managers to make efficient changes to existing hiring processes
  • Deliver on all 24 hires in the 4 month timeline
  • Help grow Bauer’s brand across the 9 European countries they operate in
  • Reduce both time per hire whilst keeping cost to a minimum and come under their total salary budget for all roles
Our goals were to:
    • Full ownership technical hiring.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to drive changes in hiring processes.
    • Deliver other hiring needs including Head of Data and a Head of UX.
    • Work closely with design and marketing teams to help grow the company’s employer branding.
Our Approach

The SyncD team met with all key stakeholders at the start of the project with reoccurring weekly check-in’s. This was to understand and ensure all requirements, meet every hiring manager and fully understand each existing interview process.

After the initial discovery phase, we implemented a strategy to reduce the interview stages from 3 to 2 to keep the process as lean as possible whilst ensuring the maximum value was being added for each candidate.

The challenge for us was to make 24 senior technical hires in candidate short market with limited salary bandings. The key asks from the business were for SyncD to reduce the average time to hire per role and to reduce the overall salary budget where possible.

Our approach was to use the existing historic international brand combined with an excellent sales strategy around the future of the business to attract the best talent. Working very closely with the Head of design & CTO we were able to implement a streamlined hiring process resulting in a 100% fill rate of the 24 roles.

Our Results
  • Reduced average cost per hire from 15% to 9%
  • Saved over £100k in contingency fees 
  • Delivered all 24 hires in 6 month period
  • Delivered all hires within salary bandings saving £150k on top end budget
  • Achieved an average time to hire of 14 days
  • Full ownership of wide range of Tech / Digital roles across multiple locations – including the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, & Poland. Disciplines included Front, Full stack & Backend engineering, Product & UX design, product owners/managers and Mobile hires including both Android and IOS.
  • Collaborated with HR & TA teams allowing them time to focus on other projects/roles due to full ownership of delivery
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