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#CelebratingBlack with Black Create Connect and Black Recruiters Network

#CelebrateBlack was a Black History Month event hosted on 28th October at Four Communications’ Head Office. The event was hosted by Black Create Connect and the Black Recruiters Network. The event provided a safe space to discuss black professionals’ mental health and overcoming race-related challenges within their careers. It was also an event for black professionals to connect with each other and employees.

The companies that Sponsored and shared job opportunities included Access VFX, Futureheads, SyncD, APA, Ravio, Olombria, Analog Folk, Precise Protection and Coastline Spirits.

Attendees came from a range of professional backgrounds including Tech, film, creative, finance, advertising, sales and more.
Black Create Connect’s Founder and SyncD Lead DEI consultant said ‘We understand that black professionals experience a vast number of race-related challenges within their careers and have had to overcome countless barriers to become successful, so we wanted to put on an event to recognise that black mental health exists, address and discuss the reasons why and how to overcome them in a positive way. We also wanted to bring allies of the black community to this event, to share opportunities and build new relationships with black professionals. After evaluating the feedback from the event, it seems we have successfully achieved this.’

The event had each speaker share their story and then breakout into groups for a deeper discussion and Q&A. Attendees were able to sit with the speaker whose story touched them the most, as well as have open conversations about their experiences.

Speaker 1: Bami Kuyeti 

Bami Kuteyi is a well-being, confidence and fearless influencer, with a global team of over 20 dance fitness instructors worldwide.

In 2018, Bami quit her job as advertising specialist and Black Googler Network Lead at Google to focus on creating her inclusive award-winning dance fitness movement ‘Twerk After Work’. In 2020, with the increased focus on the BLM movement, she expanded her DEI efforts into the industry she came from. One of the key things we learnt from Bami is to be fearless and bold with who you are and never be afraid to take the leap of faith and make a decision that is best for you, even if the odds are against you.

Speaker 2: Shocka 

Shocka is a Mental health advocate, Ted Talk speaker, Artist and signed Poet. He started his career as an artist in 2008 in Grime group Marvell. Shocka was popular within the grime scene amongst artists such as Tinie Tempah, Chip, Skepta and Diversity. Shocka worked with Ghetts’ Grime collective “The Movement” and Marvell was eventually signed by label Risky Roadz in 2011.

Over the years, Shocka experienced being sectioned on multiple occasions, but he has also thrived in his career. He recently released his music video “Don’t be ashamed” where he shows his most recent experience of being within a mental health institution. He also wrote a poetry book during this time, due to be published later this year.
Shocka taught us that life is a roller-coaster and you will experience downfalls, and in order to protect your mental health, you need to remain conscious that you’re on a journey and there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter what situation you may be in.

Speaker 3: Ngozi Cadmus 

Ngozi  is the Founder & CEO of Frontline Therapists. It is an affordable and accessible, culturally sensitive online counselling service for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Individuals and all Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds nationwide.

Come along and listen to her delve into the topic of maintaining your mental health when breaking through external barriers.
Ngozi shared the importance of getting therapy, being vulnerable and reflective as well as allowing someone else to show you things and share new perspectives for you to develop.

Speaker 4: Meesh Pallo 

Meesh Pallo is the Founder of Workshops by Meesh, aimed at inspiring & empowering collective joy in the workplace.

Meesh will be giving us a taster of her workshops by holding an interactive exercise on “Cultivating joy in your life and work environment”.
Meesh reminded us that everything comes down to happiness and joy and shared the importance of finding joy in everything you do, leaving attendees feeling optimistic about their personal journey.

Check out the highlights from the event below!

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